DEC won't budge on university fees

Cha jean y Rheynn Ynsee as Paitçhyn caghlaa

Ta fer ass Dooiish cur ny lieh yn reiltys 'nagh vel eh lhiantyn rish ny reillyn echey hene', ayns argane mychione taillaghyn-ollooscoill.

Ta Antony Aspell gra dy chossyn e inneen Nicole pointyn UCAS dy liooar dy gheddyn toyrtys mleeaney - agh va toyrtys obbit er yn oyr nagh chooilleen ee tooilley shirreydyssyn va soit ec UCAS.

Ta'n Rheynn Ynsee as Paitçhyn gra dy ren ee rieau lhiantyn rish y pholasee, as hug ee leshtal my va'n lught-thie er ny leeideil skeeal elley y chredjal.

Ta Mnr Aspell  gra dy jed Nicole noon foast studeyrys y yannoo - eeckee eshyn dy persoonagh.

Ta fys er ny chur gys y Rheynn son freggyrt.

Dooyrt Mnr Aspell: 'She nuy thousane punt ny taillaghyn-ynsee - s'baghtal nagh vel shen aym, as ta fys ec y Rheynn Ynsee nagh vel shen aym. Haink eh lhiam gleashtan y chreck dy chur cooney dy persoonagh. S'feer dy vel mwarree m'inneen er gholl dy gheddyn eeasaght phersoonagh dy chur cooney, as foddee m'inneen foast goll gys ollooscoill dy eiyrt er e h-ashlishyn. Myr shen, she my varel's dy vel y Boayrd Ynsee stroie yn traa ry-heet son paitçhyn ayns ynnyd cooney lhieu.'

DEC won't budge on university fees

A Douglas man's accusing government of 'not following its own rules' in a dispute over university fees.

Antony Aspell claims daughter Nicole acheived enough UCAS points to qualify for a grant this year - but was denied one as she did not meet further requirements set by the UK body.

The Department of Education and Children says it's always followed the policy, and apologised if the family was led to believe otherwise.

Mr Aspell says Nicole is still going away to study - at his personal expense.
The Department has been contacted to reply.

Mr Aspell said: 'The tuition fees are £9,000, which I clearly haven't got  and the Department of Education knows I  haven't got. I've managed to sell a car  to help from my end. My daughter's grandmother has actually gone to get a personal loan to help and my daughter can still go to university and follow her dreams.  So in my opinion the Board of Education is destroying children's futures instead of helping them'.

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