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Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again

A look back at a week of Manx Gaelic programmes.

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Clare Ny Gael

Bob Carswell delivers a weekly programme of great Manx Gaelic broadcasting and entertainment.

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Abbyr Shen - Say That

A course in learning to speak Manx by Brian Stowell, published by Manx Radio in Manx Heritage Year 1986 and reissued by the Gaelic Broadcast Commission. Lesson 12: Final lesson - Revision

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Shiaght Laa:

Manx Radio's weekly programme looking at Manx life from a different angle, exploring the historical, social, linguistic and academic issues.

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 Boddaghyn Boghtey:

Manx language rambling with Phil Gawne, Adrian Cain and guests - everything from planting spuds to reaching for the stars. - Ta Phillie, Ade as caarjyn rouail mygeayrt y Theihll as yn Tuinney loayrt mychione red erbee ta shin cheet er. Gaelg aboo!

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