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Farm Kitchen Challenge Week Seven : Pastry Week!

The Isle of Man Farming Community are setting Howard and Christy a series of cooking challenges over the coming weeks. With recipes suggested by farming families around the Island, each week Howard will be making a main course and Christy will rustle up a pud - using, of course, the best Manx Produce they can find. 

In the sixth week of our 'Farm Kitchen Challenges', the team were challenged to make various dishes incorporating pastry - using great Manx ingredients of course! 

Christy was challenged by Paul and Hilary Fletcher from Ballig Farm in Jurby to take on two dishes - a Cheese Flan (recipe here) and a Farmhouse Curd Tart (recipe here). Paul tells us here about life at busy Ballig (which has quite the claim to farming fame!) and explains the two recipes:

Check the videos below to see how Christy got on... but let's just say the Curd Tart ended up being something of a joint effort! #passthepastry

Next up, Emily Kelly from the Kelly Farm in beautiful Baldwin set a 'Dandy' Farm Kitchen Challenge for our Howard. She tells us below about life on their 5th generation farm and her work as Vice Chair for Central Young Farmers, then reveals the family favourite dish... Cow Pie! 

Read the recipe here and watch the video to see how Howard gets on with it. Don't forget, if you have a go at any of the recipes, send photos of your creations to latelunch@manxradio.com, we'd love to see them!

Pastry Part One...

Farm Kitchen Challenge - Pastry Weekend Part 1! Christy has been challenged by Paul and Hilary Fletcher at Ballig Farm in Jurby to make two pastry-themed recipes this weekend; this first one is a Cheese Flan, using milk and cream from Aalin Dairy, Ballig Farm Eggs, Isle of Man Creamery vintage cheddar and butter, Laxey Flour and various multicoloured wonders from Staarvey Farm, including rainbow chard, mixed leaves, fresh Manx herbs and Raspberry Vinegar. You can add meat (Manx of course!) like bacon, sausages or even some prawns if you prefer NB: Christy did discover that it might be best to pre-cook the chard before adding it, which should make the mix better balanced and also cook through better. Tsk! Novices... ;-) Check back over the weekend to see how she gets on with her 2nd recipe - Farmhouse Curd Tart.

Posted by Manx Radio on Friday, May 22, 2020
Pastry Part 2

🥧 Pastry Weekend continues with the Farm Kitchen Challenge - but the promised Ballig Farm Curd Tart didn't quite go as planned for Christy! She just Curdn't quite get the milk to turn...🤷‍♀️ 👨‍🍳 But all is OK, as Cook Caine, Captain of the Kitchen, knows the Whey 😂 A joint effort which ended well 🙌 Why not have a go at making your own Curd Tart this Bank Holiday? Share your photos below if you do.

Posted by Manx Radio on Monday, May 25, 2020
Cow Pie!

🤠 Howard The Hat - otherwise known as Cow Pie Caine - commits himself to the latest Farm Kitchen Challenge with perhaps a little bit too much 'gusto'... 🥧 Still, he makes a fine and dandy Cow Pie, that's fo'sho! 🐮 With thanks to the Kelly's at their Baldwin Family Farm for the fabulous recipe Isle of Man Meats #shoplocal #buylocal #manxmarch #manxmeat #homegrown

Posted by Manx Radio on Friday, May 29, 2020