Save our Hogs - numbers falling in the UK

Saue nyn Arkanyn - earrooyn tuittym 'syn RU

Sheshaght Vannin son Coadey Arkanyn Sonney loayrt er y chooish

Foddee dy vel earrooyn dy arkanyn sonney tuittym 'syn RU - agh ta cummaltee yn Ellan jannoo nyn gooidshare dy reayll yn earroo jeu.

Shen ny ta Sandy Huyton credjal, as ish Kiaddeyder as Reireyder Sheshaght Vannin son Coadey Arkanyn Sonney.

Ta creearyn jeieanagh 'syn RU soilshaghey magh dy vel yn earroo dy arkanyn sonney er duittym liorish mysh 50% neayr's caghlaa y cheead blein, lesh yn earroo tuittym ny s'tappee ayns ardyn er y cheer er coontey coayl oirryn ny magheryn as eirinys jeean.

Agh ta Sandy gra dy vel kesmadyn beggey ayns shoh jannoo caghlaa - as dy nee lane-femoil eh my vees ad dy hannaghtyn ayn dy ynsaghey y nah heeloghe.

AS SANDY HUYTON: My vees oo goaill ny paitchyn shoh nish tra t'ad 'sy scoill, as foddee ad gennaghtyn feer voyrnagh dy hauail bioys arkan sonney, liorish troggal neese nyn orch, as ny arkanyn sonney streeu rish shen neesht, eisht nee ny caghlaaghyn beggey shoh dy feer coadey ny arkanyn sonney son yn traa ry heet.

Ta mee soit dy mooar er greinnaghey y theay jeh dy chooilley eash dy vel carnaneyn dooghyssagh dy chip oc ayns nyn garey er yn oyr dy vel adsyn cleayney stiagh ooilley ny carthanyn as ny beishteigyn as t'adsyn cummal seose bee ny arkanyn sonney. Shinyn ayns Ellan Vannin, ta boodeeys lane yindyssagh ain ta cummal seose dy mooar coadey arkanyn sonney.

Save our Hogs - numbers falling in the UK

Manx Hedgehog Conservation Society speaks on issue

Hedgehog numbers may be falling in the UK - but Island residents are doing their best to conserve their numbers.

That's the belief of Sandy Huyton, Founder and Manager of the Manx Hedgehog Conservation Society.

Recent surveys in the UK show hedgehog numbers have fallen by around 50% since the turn of the century, with populations dropping more rapidly in rural areas due to a loss of field margins and intensive farming.

However, Sandy says little steps here are making a difference - and educating the next generation is vital for their survival.



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