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Rates modernisation plans to be drawn up

Plannyn son jannoo keeshyn thie noa-emshiragh dy ve aarlit

Resoonaght er treealtyssyn Mee Voaldyn 'sy vlein shoh cheet

Lhisagh jannoo keeshyn thie ayns Ellan Vannin noa-emshiragh ve er ny chooilleeney choud's ta'n Chiare as Feed t'ayn nish foast ayn - rere y Chirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey.

Va toshiaght currit er y starr dy yannoo keeshyn thie noa-emshiragh ayns y lught-reill shoh chaie, agh va cumrail er choud's haink cooishyn elley dy ve nyn dosheeaghtyn.

Dinsh Chris Thomas da Tinvaal y chiaghtin shoh chaie dy beagh coyrle scrutee theayagh lhunnit Toshiaght Arree 'sy vlein shoh cheet, as dy bee treealtyssyn currit roish son resoonaght Mee Voaldyn.

Ta Mnr Thomas gra dy bee couyryn currit da'n chalee son ny shey meeaghyn shoh cheet.

AS CHRIS THOMAS : Ayns ny shey meeaghyn shen bee reaghyssyn mooarey jeant ain er ny nee mayd cur lhien gys Tinvaal, er-nyn-son dy yannoo briwnys er, Mee Voaldyn 2019, myr shoh  'sy cheeayl shen, t'eh [ta shey meeaghyn liauyr dy liooar]. Myr shoh ta foast cooishyn ain mychione yn aght dy chaghlaa yn leigh. Ta mee er chur gialdyn dy bee billey aym roish Tinvaal 'sy vlein lurg yn er shoh, ayns blein shoh cheet yn ard whaiyl. Ta feme ain er jannoo ymmodee reaghyssyn er aa-yeeilley son cummaltaght sengyl, er chaglym, er y vun jeh'n aght ta shin goaill ayns laue chaglym keeshyn thie, er yn sorch dy choarys t'ayn.     

Proposals debated in May next year 

Modernisation of the rates system in the Isle of Man should be completed during the life of the current House of Keys - according to the Policy and Reform Minister.

The process of rates reform was started during the previous administration, but put on hold as other issues were given priority.

Chris Thomas told Tynwald last week that a consultation will be launched in February next year, and proposals will be put forward for debate in May.

Mr Thomas says resources will be dedicated to the project for the next six months.

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