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The Isle of Man Budget 2024

The treasury minister has set out his 2024 Budget, but what is it going to mean for you?

Whether you want an in-depth look at what features in it, or you just want the headlines, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

As Dr Alex Allinson presents his Pink Book to Tynwald, you can follow along on our Live Blog below 👇

CLICK HERE for the Live Blog of the Budget Debate

CLICK ABOVE for the Podcast of our Live Budget Special Programme
hosted by Beth Espey & Phil Gawne.

The Budget and You: 

Whatever walk of life you're from, or whatever you enjoy doing, we can tell you how the decisions made in this Budget will affect you.

Manx Budget Videos:

  • Top of the Dosh

  • Manx Radio Budget '24 Special

Manx Budget News: 

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Budget in Full:

You can find the treasury minister's speech and documents here.


Budget Special  - Friday 23 February:


Beth Espey and Phil Gawne hosted Manx Radio's Budget Programme (brought to you by Crowe Isle of Man) live from the Legislative Buildings.

There was analysis, opinion and the facts on the Budget with a host of guests including politicians and business leaders. 

Download the Podcast by clicking here.