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Police defend raid record

Meoiryn Shee fendeil recortys er soiaghyn

Ren 25% dy ronsaghtyn feddyn druggaghyn

Ta ny meoiryn shee er vendeil y recortys oc er barrantyn ronsee, cur shickyrys dy vel egin co-reiragh tra t'ad goaill ayns laue soiaghyn er troggalyn son druggaghyn.

Ny yei fysseree er y gherrid ren soilshaghey magh dy ren 75% dy ronsaghtyn feddyn bunnys veg ny veg dy stoo, ta loayreyder ny meanyn ass-lieh ny Meoiryn Shee gra dy vel barrantyn ronsee jannoo seose 'aght scanshoil' ayns jannoo poleenys 'syn Ellan. 

As feysht er row cooilleeney currit dauesyn as va eiyrtys orroo, va'n freggyrt shoh ec yn Scruteyr Gavin Callow:

AS GAVIN CALLOW : Ta shin jeeaghyn er dagh fer jeu rere cooish er cooish, myr shoh my vees jeeill jeant, as my vees ymmyrchagh eh, foddee dy jean mayd karraghey y jeeill shen: foddee dy vel eh er shellooder y thie. Reesht, cha nel mee son cheet er cooishyn er-lheh. Agh ta shin geearree ve co-reiragh rish ny ta shin jannoo. Ta shin geearree jannoo shickyr dy vel shin jannoo y boirey sloo, agh neesht t'eh orrin jannoo poleenys ayns Ellan Vannin.


25% of searches found drugs 

Police have defended their record on search warrants, assuring force is 'proportionate' when carrying out property raids for drugs.  

Despite recent data showing that 75% of searches found minimal to no substance, the media spokesperson for the Constabulary says search warrants are 'an important tool' in policing the Island.

Asked about whether compensation was given to those affected, Inspector Gavin Callow had this response:

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