Petition to protect UNESCO zones from development

Aghin dy choadey ardyn UNESCO veih lhiasaghey

1500 enmyn screeuit pohlldal coadey son ardyn er-lheh ayns EV

Va aghin currit da'n Chirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey Chris Thomas Jecrean (31ed), jannoo troddan dy choadey ardyn UNESCO noi lhiasaghey.

Ta'n docamad  goaill stiagh baghtyn currit stiagh liorish sleih edyr 'syn Ellan as ass y cheer, pleadeil dy jean ardyn Vannin dy aalid dooghyssagh er-lheh tannaghtyn gyn bentyn roo.

Ren coloayrtyssyn jeeraghey er-lheh er stayd Thalloo Freillt Biosphere yn Ellan, as er y choyrle scrutee theayagh t'ayn nish er plannal, ta'n Shirveishagh Thomas oaseiraghey.

Ta'n aghineyr Julie Billingsley er chosney bunnys 1,500 ennym screeuit choud's nish, as ta treisht urree dy jean momentum tannaghtyn lesh troggal seose er cheu y docamad.

JULIE BILLINGSLEY: She, she, nee'm freayll foshlit yn aghin shoh. Ta treisht orrym dy bee caa dooin, foddee, cur tooilley rish yn earroo dy enmyn screeuit as goaill stiagh tooilley baghtyn. Hug mee jiu ee er yn oyr dy row mee laccal yn Shirveishagh Thomas jeeaghyn urree as cur stiagh ee 'sy choyrle scrutee theayagh er plannal dy vel eshyn jeeaghyn er kiart nish.

Petition to protect UNESCO zones from development

1500 signatures back protection for special areas on IOM

A petition was presented to Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas on Wednesday (31st), campaigning for the protection of UNESCO zones against development.

The document contains input from people both on-island and abroad, pleading that Manx areas of outstanding natural beauty are not to be tampered with.Discussions focused particularly on the Island's Biosphere Reserve status, and the current planning consultation, which Minister Thomas is overseeing.

Petitioner Julie Billingsley has amassed almost 1,500 signatures so far, and hopes the document will continue gathering momentum.



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