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No TT Zero for two more years

Friday, 10 December 2021 11:01

By Bob Carswell

Gyn TT Neunhee rish daa vlein elley

Va ronney tayrnit magh ass dy shallidagh 2019

Cha bee'n TT Neunhee cheet back gys Coorse y Clieau rish y nah vlein shoh cheet.

2019 v'eh er ny ograghey magh dy beagh y ronney scughit magh ass yn skedjal – va'n TT eisht er ny scryssey magh 2020 as mleeaney er coontey Chovid-19.

Ec y traa dooyrt yn Rheynn Gastid Dellal dy row shoh er yn oyr dy row earrooyn injil goaill ayrn ayn as yn lhiasaghey moal jeh greienyn as cur-magh glen oc.

Ta'n Shirveishagh yn Fer Lhee Alex Allinson er veeraghey dy vel yn rheynn echey jeeaghyn neesht dy chroo polaseeyn, as cliaghtaghyn, dy yannoo ny sloo cowrey coshey carbon ny ratchyn TT dy cadjin.

AS YN FER LHEE ALLINSON : Ga dy row yn TT Neunhee ny er toshee 'sy  chooish, ta fys ain dy vel foast eiyrtys jiooldagh er y chowrey coshey carbon ain. As ta'n ashlish harrish ooilley jeh'n TT dy ve ry chummal seose dy bollagh as corrym bentyn da carbon. Agh foddee yn Rheynn feeraghey dy vel eh gobbraghey dy chosney ISO 20121 son y TT, y stundayrt feie'n theihll son coryssyn vees ry chummal seose ry hoi reirey taghyrtyn.


Category was temporarily pulled in 2019

The TT Zero will not be returning to the Mountain Course for the next two years.

In 2019 it was announced the category would be removed from the schedule - the TT was then cancelled in 2020 and this year due to Covid-19.

At the time the Department for Enterprise said this was due to low participation numbers and the slow development of clean-emissions machines.

Minister Dr Alex Allinson has confirmed his department is also looking to create policies, and practices, to reduce the carbon footprint of the TT races in general:

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