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MHK concerned about asset stripping at Manx Telecom

Imnea ec OCF mychione lommey cooid ayns Chellinsh Vannin

Ard Shirveishagh shirrit er dy chur fogrey mychione creck y cholught er y gherrid

Ta OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] shirrey shickyrys mychione Chellinsh Vannin 'sy traa ry heet lurg da'n cholught ve er ny ghoaill harrish er y gherrid.

Ren y kiareyder chellinsh fograghey magh dy row eh er hoiaghey jeh cheb veih Parteeassyn Bun-Troggalys Basalt Mee Vayrt.

Ta'n oltey ass-lieh Connaghyn Rob Callister shirrey er yn Ard Shirveishagh Howard Quayle son fogrey mychione y chreck ayns soie yn Chiare as Feed.

T'eh shassoo er dy nee lane-femoil eh da'n Ellan dy vel yn colught speeideilagh 'sy traa ry heet.

AS ROB CALLISTER : Ta shin ooilley nyn gustymeyryn jeh Chellinsh Vannin. Mannagh vel shin nyn gustymeyryn jeh Chellinsh Vannin ta shin nyn gustymeyryn jeh Sure. Myr shoh, t'eh ny chaa feer veg dy liooar er-nyn-son dy arraghey as dy chaghlaa. Myr shoh ta shin feme yn aa-hickyrys shen; ta shin feme jannoo shickyr dy bee Chellinsh Vannin as colughtyn chellinsh elley  ayns shen 'sy traa ry heet, er-yn-oyr dy vel wheesh argid er ve baiht trooid ny bleeantyn.

Er-lhiam dy vel eh, myr ta mee gra, ny ennym feer vie, er-lhiam dy vel sleih credjal ayn, agh ta shin feme yn aa-hickyrys shen nagh bee'n chooid er ny lommey as lhiastynys currit ayns ynnyd jeh argid.


Chief Minister asked to provide statement about firm's recent sale

An MHK is seeking assurances over the future of Manx Telecom following the company's recent takeover.

The telecoms provider announced it had accepted an offer from Basalt Infrastructure Partners in March.

Onchan member Rob Callister is asking Chief Minister Howard Quayle for a statement on the sale at a sitting of the House of Keys.

He insists it's vital for the Island that the company is successful going forward.

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