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Local/national govt - do you know the difference?

Gurneilys ynnydoil/ashoonagh – vel oo toiggal y caghlaa?

Gurneilys ynnydoil/ashoonagh – vel oo toiggal y caghlaa?

OCF cur feysht as gra nagh vel eab jeant er aa-chummey lughtyn-reill ynnydoil

Ta OCF [Oltey yn Chiare as Feed] gra nagh vel ymmodee cummaltee yn Ellan toiggal y caghlaa eddyr gurneilys ynnydoil as ashoonagh.

Haink ny raaghyn veih Lawrie Hooper bentyn rish eabyn ta goll er dy aa-chummey lughtyn-reill ynnydoil 'syn Ellan.

T'eh credjal neesht nagh vel y shirveishagh bun-troggalys 'er n'yannoo veg' bentyn rish shen as nagh vel mee-hoiggalys bunnidagh mychione y scarrey eddyr gurneilys meanagh as ardynagh cooney lesh y chooish.

Ta Mnr Hooper gra neesht dy vel Ray Harmer er chur shaghey y chooish, as er haishbyney 'veg dy aigney' dy chur er oaie cooishyn gollrish thieys ec eaghtyr ny ardyn.

AS LAWRIE HOOPER : Ta mee feddyn magh dy vel mee ceau palchey traa aym cur rish cooishyn cochianglt rish lughtyn-reill ynnydoil. Cha nel sleih shickyr ayns rieughid quoi ta cooilleeney cre ny shirveishyn, as er-lhiam nagh vel y shaghrynys shen cooney. Er-lhiam nagh vel eh cooney sleih dy ve freggyrtagh; er-lhiam nagh vel eh cooney dy yannoo seose feeuid mie; as er-lhiam ayns firrinys, myr dooyrt mee, dy vel feme er ronsaght kiart strateishagh er cre ny shirveishyn vees currit dy share ayns cre'n voayl. As cha nod shen cheet agh veih'n rheynn.  


MHK poses question and claims no effort made on local authority reform

An MHK says many Island citizens don't know the difference between local and national government.

Lawrie Hooper made the comments in relation to ongoing efforts to reform local authorities on the Island.

He also believes the infrastructure minister has 'done nothing' in that regard and fundamental misconceptions of the divide between central and regional government don't help the issue.

Mr Hooper also says Ray Harmer has 'taken a back seat' on the subject, and shown 'no willingness' to drive reform on issues like housing at a local level.

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