Lib Van content with means testing

Mannin Libraalagh jean booiagh ec scrutaght-chooid

Ta'n reiltys '"goll er y raad kiart bentyn da scrutaght-chooid" - shen barel y phartee Mannin Libraalagh.

Ta Mannin Libraalagh er reggyrt dy jarrooagh rish y cho-choyrle heayagh, as ad gra dy vel eh cur enney er aghtyn oddys ve resoonagh, shassooagh as cost-fondagh ry-hoi cur stiagh scrutaght-chooid ayns shoh.

Yn oltey Lawrie Hooper, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rhumsaa, t'eh gra dy vel y partee coardail rish y docamad er y chooid smoo - lesh faaueyn beggey eh y haraghey.

Ta Oik ny Shirveishee geearree dy bee yn currym son scrutaght-chooid currit da'n Tashtey, as ad gra dy lajer nagh jean y Tashtey gra 'bee un vooadys cooie da dy chooilley pheiagh'.

Ta Mnr Hooper gra dy vel eh jeeaghyn dy vel raad cheeall chadjin gys coarys smoo cairagh oddys ve resoonagh goit ayns laue.

Lib Van content with means testing

Government is "moving in the right direction with means testing" - that from the LiIberal Vannin Party.

Lib Van had positively responded to the public consultation, saying it identifies potentially reasonable, consistent and cost-effective ways of introducing it here.

Member, Ramsey MHK, Lawrie Hooper, says the party is largely in agreement with the document in principle - with minor suggestions for improvement.

The Cabinet Office wants Treaury to be given responsibility for testing, which it insists won't take a 'one size fits all' approach.

Mr Hooper says it appears to be taking a common sense route to a fairer system.

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