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Hooper responds to student finance fallout

Hooper cur freggyrt da musthaa mychione argid son studeyryn

Ta kuse dy leih cremmey y coarys, dy vel eh neu-chairagh

Ta OCF er n'ghoaill rish dy vel coarys reiltys Vannin ry hoi cur argid da studeyryn cur neu-vondeish er 'possan beg' dy lughtyn-thie.

Ta oltey y Rheynn Ynsee, Spoyrt as Cultoor Lawrie Hooper stiurey aa-scrutaght jeh'n chooney argidoil ta ry gheddyn ec studeyryn yn Ellan.

T'eh credjal dy vel y coarys mie son y chooid smoo, agh t'eh gra dy vel kuse dy leih as t'eh goll er cur orroo dy eeck tooilley son argid bea ayns olloo-scoill.

Ta slane toyrtys meansal £5,500 ry gheddyn, agh ta'n cooney shoh rere scrutaght cooid.

Myr sampleyr, my vees cheet stiagh co-chianglt net ny paarantys £30,000, ta £3,295 goit ersooyl veih slane towse y toyrtys.  

Ta kuse dy studeyryn er jeet er imnea mychione ny preaysyn ta shoh cur er paarantyn dy eeck son reddyn gollrish aaght, lioaryn teks as argid bea elley.

Ta feyshtyn er ve currit, vel 'cheet stiagh net' cairagh myr ooley yn argid ta ry gheddyn ec lught-thie.

Ta Mnr Hooper gra dy vel eh costal mysh £9 millioon 'sy vlein dy eeck son y choarys cur argid da studeyryn, as ta mysh 30% jeusyn ayns ynsagh trassagh geddyn toyrtys meansal.

As feysht currit da 'sy meanyn sheshoil vel feme er caghlaaghyn da'n choarys t'ayn nish, dreggyr Mnr Hooper, dy faghidagh foddee, "Cha nel, er chor erbee - shen yn oyr ta mee stiurey aa-scrutaght jeh'n choarys, er-yn-oyr dy vel eh lane fondagh 'syn aght t'eh nish."

Dinsh eh da Radio Vannin yn aght ta'n coarys t'ayn nish gobbraghey.

AS MNR HOOPER : Ayns coontey neu-chramp, t'eh (briaght), "Cre ta cheet stiagh dty lught-thie?" As reesht ta'n feysht dy ve currit, vel shen yn aght kiart? Ta'n freggyrt giare dy nee coarys mie t'ayn, agh ta doilleeidyn echey. Cha nee lane-fondagh eh liorish foddey. Ayns coontey giare, ta mee shein, ta doilleeidyn cochianglt rish, ta doolaneyn foyd tra t'ou cur eab er cur dty phaitchey trooid yn olloo-scoill lesh ymmyd jeh'n choarys t'ain.

Agh, my te, ooilley cooidjagh, she coarys mie dy liooar t'ayn, as feme er shareaghey eh, as shen dy jeeragh yn oyr ta shin jannoo aa-scrutaght ec y traa t'ayn jeh dy chooilley ayrn y choarys, dy gheddyn magh cre ny ardyn as ta feme orroo caghlaa, as dy gheddyn magh dy jarroo yn aght fodmayd shareaghey ad neesht.


Some have criticised the system for being unfair

An MHK has admitted the Manx government's student finance system does leave a 'small group' of families at a disadvantage.

Member for the Department of Education, Sport and Culture Lawrie Hooper is heading a review of the financial support available to Island students.

He believes the system is generally good, but says there are some who are being asked to pay extra towards living costs at university.

A full maintenance grant of £5,500 is available, but this support is means tested.

For example, if parents have a combined net income of £30,000, £3,295 is deducted from the grant's full total.

Some students have raised concerns about the pressures this places on parents to pay for things like accommodations, textbooks and other living expenses.

Questions have also been raised over whether 'net income' is a fair calculation of the finances available to a household.

Mr Hooper says it costs roughly £9 million a year to fund the student finance system, and around 30% of those who take tertiary education receive a maintenance grant.

Having been asked on social media whether any changes were needed to the current system, Mr Hooper replied, perhaps sarcastically, "none at all - that's why I'm leading a review of the system, because it's perfect just the way it is".

He told Manx Radio how the current system works:

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