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Homelessness still 'under radar'

Ve gyn thie foast 'fo radar'

Bunnys 600 cur eam er Thieys Madyral ayns 2017

Ta sheshaghtyn giastyllagh gra dy vel sleih gyn thie ayns Ellan Vannin goll er molley - er-yn-oyr dy vel y chooish foast tannaghtyn son y chooid smoo 'neu-akinagh'.

Ren bunnys 600 fer er-lheh cur eam er fwirran Thieys Madyral y vlein shoh chaie, goaill stiagh lughtyn-thie as paitchyn aegey oc.

Ta'n chooid smoo dy ir gyn thie 'syn Ellan nyn 'daagheyderyn aashag' ny beaghey ayns stayd neu-hickyr.

Ta fir hoshee er chur foill son y doilleeid ta cheet dy ve ny smessey er gennid dy hieys 'sy cherroo theayagh.

Ta Caairlagh Thieys Madyral Bill Mummery gra dy nee ymmodee ta ny oyryn.

Ta Thieys Madyral jannoo keayrtyn dy reiltagh gys Pryssoon Ellan Vannin dy reaghey aaght son sleih cheusthie roish y seyrey oc.

AS BILL MUMMERY : She brishey sheese ayns cochianglys, as foddee shen ve yn lught-thie, foddee shen ve jeigeyryn as fir aasit aegey arganey rish lught-thie, foddee shen ve cubbylyn scarrey, foddee shen ve sleih chea raghlid 'sy thie, sleih faagail pryssoon. 


Almost 600 contacted Housing Matters in 2017

Charities are claiming homeless people on the Isle of Man are being let down - because the issue remains largely 'invisible'.

Almost 600 different people contacted staff at Housing Matters last year, including families with young children.

The majority of homeless cases in the Island are 'sofa surfers' or living in unstable conditions.

Bosses have blamed the worsening problem on a lack of public sector housing.

Housing Matters chairman Bill Mummery says the causes are manifold.

Housing Matters also makes regular visits to the Isle of Man Prison to arrange accommodation for inmates ahead of their release.

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