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Farmers need public support to survive

Feme ec eirinee er cooney y theay dy hannaghtyn ayn

Plaiyntyn dy vel doilleeidyn lhiggit harrish

Ta fer jeh sheelreyderyn sthock smoo yn Ellan er chur raaue dy vel doilleeidyn roish eirinee goll er jarrood.

Ta'n vlein shoh er ve neu-hickyr er-lheh son y jeadys eirinagh, lesh fliaghey trome sheeynt 'syn arragh as chirmid geiyrt er shen 'sy tourey.

Ta'n varney magh ass shen cur oyr son aggle dy jinnagh eirinee creck sthock cheumooie jeh'n Ellan, as dy cummyssagh jannoo ny smessey y neu-chormid argidoil 'sy Thie Jantys Foalley.

Va enn currit er Goair Ellan Vannin as Mohair Vannin ayns Aundyryn Bee, Eirinys as Eeasteyrys mleeaney son ny eabyn echey dy yannoo ny s'lhea cooishyn 'sy cherroo. 

Ta Claire Lewis, ren cooney dy chur y gowaltys er bun 'sy vlein 2012, gra dy vel jeadyssyn tradishoonagh yn Ellan ayns gaue:

AS CLAIRE LEWIS : Mannagh vel eirinee ayd, bee oo fy yerrey hoal gyn bee, as ta shin ec gyere-ghaue ayns eirinys Vannin as ta dy chooilley pheiagh tannaghtyn lesh gyn cur geill da. Cha nel fys ain cre vees taghyrt lesh Brexit, cha nel fys ain cre vees taghyrt lesh caggaghyn y theihll as ooilley ny reddyn elley. Cha nel mee laccal ve my phersoon jeh cragh as lhag-chreeys, er-yn-oyr nagh vel mee, ta mee slane jarrooagh mychione whilleen red, agh son graih y vieys, pohlldal troaryn Vannin as eirinys Vannin. 


Claims that problems being ignored

One of the Island's largest livestock breeders has warned the problems facing farmers are being overlooked.

This year has been particularly uncertain for the agriculture industry, with prolonged heavy rain in spring followed by drought in summer.

The subsequent shortfall prompted fears farmers would sell livestock off-Island, potentially worsening financial instability at the Meat Plant.

Isle of Man Goats and Manx Mohair was recognised in this year's Food, Farming and Fishing Awards for its efforts to diversify the sector.

Claire Lewis, who helped found the farm in 2012, says the Island's traditional industries are at risk:

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