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Domestic abuse victims offered support

Cooney chebbit da dreihyn drogh ymmyd 'sy thie

Ard soilshey er shirveishyn son Pohlldal ny Dreihyn as Cooney lesh Mraane 

Choud's ta coyrle scrutee theayagh er leighyn yn Ellan er drogh ymmyd 'sy thie foast goll, ta daa heshaght yiastyllagh ynnydoil cur cooinaghtyn er dreihyn dy vel cooney ry gheddyn.

Ta Pohlldal ny Dreihyn as Cooney lesh Mraane neesht chebbal coyrle, as shirveishyn coonee, dauesyn ta surranse assee jeant liorish sleih elley.

Ta ny sheshaghtyn giastyllagh cur eam er peiagh erbee t'ayns drogh chochianglys - vel shen drogh ymmyd corpagh, keintyssagh ny inchynagh - dy hirrey cooney.

Ta Reireyder Pohlldal ny Dreihyn, Paula Gelling, gra dy vel y cooney chebbit cummit dy ve freggyrtagh da femeyn dagh fer er-lheh ta cur eam orroo:

AS PAULA GELLING :  Ta Pohlldal ny Dreihyn as Cooney lesh Mraane ayns shen as ry gheddyn dy chooney, as dy phohlldal ad. Cha nel shin ginsh da sleih ny dy yannoo, agh ta shin cur daue reihyn: reihyn dy ve abyl dy loayrt ny-hrooid, dy gheddyn magh ny ta ry gheddyn, ny vees cooie dauesyn, er-yn-oyr dy vel dy chooilley pheiagh ny fer er-lheh. As er-lhiam dy nee scanshoil eh cooinaghtyn er shen: ny ta cooie da'n derrey pheiagh, cha nel eh cooie da peiagh elley. 


My vees feme ayd er loayrt rish peiagh ennagh, foddee oo cur eam er Pohlldal ny Dreihyn er 679950, ny Cooney lesh Mraane er 677900.


Victim Support and Women's Aid services highlighted 

As the consultation over the Island's domestic abuse laws continues, two local charities are reminding victims that there is help available.

Victim Support and Women's Aid both offer advice, and support services, to those suffering at the hands of another.

The charities are calling on anyone who is in an abusive relationship - be it physical, sexual, or mental - to ask for help.

Victim Support Manager, Paula Gelling, says the support offered is tailored to meet the needs each individual who gets in touch:

If you do need to speak to someone, you can contact Victim Support on 679950, or Women's Aid on 677900.


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