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DHSC seeks hoarded equipment

RSKT shirrey greienys tashtit

Theay goll er greinnaghey dy chur back aghtyn coonee dy ghleashaghey

Cur-jee back dooin nyn gullee!

Shen ny ta'n rheynn slaynt gra rish olteynyn y theay ta tashtey cullee currit magh liorish y thie lheiys, goaill stiagh maidjaghyn croshey, caairyn queeylagh as lhiabbeeyn lectraneagh ta ry chiartaghey.

Ta surransee geddyn ny nheeghyn er eeasaght choud's t'ad aa-laanaghey, agh shimmey nhee jeusyn shoh nagh vel rieau currit back.

Ta'n Rheynn gra dy vel y chullee t'eh cur magh, son y chooid smoo, cummit cour ymmyd y yannoo jee reesht.

Ta smooinaghtyn ayn nagh vel ymmodee nheeghyn currit back er-yn-oyr nagh vel fys ec sleih dy nee lesh yn rheynn ad, ny nagh vel fys oc er yn aght dy chur back ad.

Agh ayns kuse dy chooishyn, ta cullee son ymmyd reesht er ny gheddyn rey rish ayns ynnydyn jeelym baljagh yn Ellan, currit gys shappyn giastyllagh ny eer creckit ayns ny meanyn sheshoil.

Dy jarroo ta ynnyd essylagh er-lheh ayns Skeerey Vraddan ta chaglym, glenney, jannoo skeoigh reesht as cur magh reayn dy chullee son ymmyd reesht.

Ta Stoyr Eeasaght ayns Steat Jeadys Gowaltys Kirby foshlit queig laghyn 'sy chiaghtin, as y dean dy chooney lesh surransee tannaghtyn dy mie ayns nyn dhieyn hene as dy haghney kiarail 'sy thie lheiys ny ayns thie cummalagh my oddys shen ve jeant.

Ta aghin da olteynyn y theay dy chooney lesh yn RSKT dy spaarail argid as dy chur back cullee nagh vel feme urree ny sodjey - eddyr liorish faagail ee 'sy stoyr ayns Skeerey Vraddan, ny liorish cur eam er 693553 dy reaghey son chaglym.

DHSC seeks hoarded equipment

Public encouraged to return mobility aids

Give us back our kit!

That's what the health department is saying to members of the public who are hoarding hospital-issued equipment including crutches, wheelchairs and adjustable electric beds.

Patients are lent the items through their rehabilitation process, but many of these items are never returned.

The Department says the equipment it issues is, in most cases, designed to be reusable.It's thought many items are not returned because people either aren't aware they belong to the department, or don't know how to return them.

But in some cases, reusable equipment has been disposed of at the Island's civic amenity sites, given away to charity shops or even sold on social media.

There's actually a specialist hub in Braddan which collects, cleans, refurbishes and distributes a range of equipment for re-use.

A Loan Store at the Kirby Farm Industrial Estate is open five days a week, aiming to help patients stay well in their own homes and avoid hospital and residential care where possible.

Members of the public are asked to help the DHSC save money and return any equipment that are no longer needed - either by dropping it off at the Braddan repository, or by calling 693553 to arrange for collection.

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