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Changes to bus station site plans "more striking"

Caghlaaghyn da ynnyd stashoon barroose "s'yindyssee"

Smooinaght noa ec ellyneyr jeh lhiasaghey clouit

Ta plannyn son lhiasaghey ynnyd Stashoon Barroose Doolish, t'er ve currit stiagh son kied plannal, soilshaghey magh kuse dy chaghlaaghyn çheu mooie cosoyley rish ny caslyssyn clouit Toshiaght Arree.

Va ny smooinaghtyn ec ellyneyr hoshiaght ny ayrn jeh bundeil, currit roish shey meeaghyn er-dy-henney liorish ny lhiaseyderyn ynndoil Kane Çhiarmaanit.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys Ray Harmer gra dy vel ny smooinaghtyn noa soilshaghey magh foayssyn gys yn aght nee'n troggal jeeaghyn 'syn ynnyd oc er y cheiy.

AS RAY HARMER : Ta mee credjal dy vel seyrnagh noa ayn. Shoh nish ny chummey smoo yindyssagh as foddey smoo noa-chiaddit, as ayns rieughid nee eh tayrn . . . as bee eh ny chowrey thallooin greesee dy liooar son Doolish, as son y chione shoh neesht, agh foast cur ooilley ny reddyn cheddin, bentyn rish, dy baghtal, y thie aaght, ny three thieyn bee, y cinema shiaght scape as myr shen. 


New artist's impressions of development released

Plans for the Douglas Bus Station site development, which have been submitted for planning approval, show some outward changes from the pictures released in February.

The original artist's impressions were part of a package, put forward six months ago by the local developers Kane Ltd.

Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer says the new impressions show improvements to how the buildings will appear in their quayside location.

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