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CEO and Chief Minister were 'unsupportive'

Va Ard Sheckter as Ard Shirveishagh 'neu-phohlldal'

Orraghey scarree yn eear hirveishagh slaynt

Ta'n eear Hirveishagh Slaynt er hebbal yeearreeyn share da'n eiyrtyssagh eck 'sy phaart noa echey - as va orraghey scarree eck er fir er-lheh as t'ee credjal dy row paart oc 'sy lhieggey eck.

Ren Kate Beecroft irree ass kegeesh er dy henney lurg da ve inshit jee dy row ee er choayl yn aigney mie ec kuse dy olteynyn y rheynn eck.

Jemayrt 'sy chied soie Tinvaal eck neayr's ren ee irree ass ren ee chebbal e moyllaghyn da David Ashford, roish jee jannoo baghtal eh, quoi v'ee gennaghtyn dy ve neu-phohlldal 'sy traa eck myr Shirveishagh.

Ta Bnr Beecroft gra dy vel ee shickyr dy bee cooney as pohlldal ry gheddyn ec yn chirveishagh noa neesht, as dy bee feme echey er shen, my vees eh dy chooilleeney ny deanyn echey son ny ta shin ooilley geearree, as shen shirveish claynt as chiarail vie.

Agh, t'ee gra, rere e barel hene, dy vel daa ard as bee feme echey er pohlldal ny smoo na va ry gheddyn ecksh, as shen woish yn Ard Sheckter as yn Ard Shirveishagh. Gyn pohlldal dy liooar 'sy ghaa ard shen, t'ee gra dy jean eh feddyn magh dy nee feer, eer ghoillee eh. T'ee gra dy vel treisht urree dy vel speeideilys echey ny smoo na va ecksh 'sy ghaa ard shen.

CEO and Chief Minister were 'unsupportive'

Former health minister fires parting shot

The former Health Minister has offered her successor best wishes in his new role – and aimed a parting shot at individuals she believes played a part in her downfall.

Kate Beecroft resigned a fortnight ago after being told she had lost the support of some of her departmental members.

On Tuesday, at her first Tynwald sitting since standing down she offered David Ashford her congratulations, before making it clear who she felt were unsupportive during her time as Minister.

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