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Abortion debate needs further assessment

Feme er sessal sodjey ayns resoonaght er rey torraghys

Imneaghyn mychione coadey son paitchyn neu-ruggit

Ta OCFyn goll er briaght dy smooinaghtyn er cur shaghey lhiassaghyn bentyn rish rey torraghys dy lhiggey da ronsaght s'diuney ve jeant 'sy chooish.

Ta oltey ass-lieh Doolish Hiar Chris Robertshaw credjal dy lhisagh bing reiht ve currit er bun dy hessal cooishyn as va'n chied lhaih oc ayns Shamyr yn Chiare as Feed Jemayrt.

Ta ny treealtyssyn goaill stiagh lowal mraane reih rey torraghys choud as 14 shiaghteeyn 'sy torraghys oc as choud as 24 shiaghteeyn my vees imneaghyn tromey slaynt ny oyryn sheshoil gyn ruggyr lhiannoo.

Ta Mnr Robertshaw gra dy vel y resoonaght choud's nish er ve scarrit ayns daa phossan.

Ta Mnr Robertshaw cheet orroosyn as t'ad ard-jeean son cairyn ny mreih torragh, as t'eh gra dy vel shin er chlashtyn sleih as wheesh ard-jeeanid oc as ta t'ad feer voirit mychione cairyn y phaitchey neu-ruggit.

Ny nagh vel shin er chlashtyn, ta Mnr Robertshaw dy ghra, shen vouseyn as ta imnea ry hoiggal oc mychione cairyn ny mreih choud's t'ee torragh, agh cha nel shin er chlashtyn vouesyn cre ta'n smooinaghtyn oc er cairyn y phaitchey neu-ruggit, as vice versa.

Ta Mnr Robertshaw gra, my vees yn Chiare as Feed jannoo briwnys dy vel ad geearree bing reiht, dy bee errey vooar er y ving shen, as dy by scanshoil eh dy row reayn lhean dy varelyn er y ving shen, dy voddagh ad cur oaie rish y doolane.

Abortion debate needs further assessment

Concerns about protection for unborn children

MHKs are being asked to consider putting abortion reforms on hold to allow a more in-depth examination of the issue.

East Douglas member Chris Robertshaw believes a select committee should be formed to assess measures which received their first reading in the House of Keys on Tuesday.

The proposals include allowing women a termination up to 14 weeks into their pregnancy and up to 24 weeks if there are serious health concerns or social grounds why a baby shouldn’t be born.

Mr Robertshaw says the debate so far has been divided into two groups.

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