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TV licence decision will be in place for duration of administration

Bee reaghys er kied chellveeish ayn rish clane traa yn lught-reill

Tashtey ec y traa t'ayn aa-scrutaghey kiarail cadjin

Bee reaghys erbee er quoi vees eeck son kied chellveeish y phobble ta 75 blein dy eash as ny shinney ayn rish clane traa yn lught-reill noa.

Shen barel Shirveishagh Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee Kate Lord-Brennan.

AS KATE LORD-BRENNAN : Ta my hoiggalys dy bee eh myr shen, as er-lhiam dy vel feysht ayn mychione vel ny fir s'berchee mastey sleih erskyn 75 feme kied chellveeish. Agh shen red ennagh as ta feme er jeeaghyn er dy kiarailagh, as ta barrantys er ve currit dy jinnagh eh tannaghtyn ayn rish ayrn er-mayrn yn lught-reill.

Ta'n Tashtey cummal aa-scrutaght jeh ny reihyn ry-hoi cur argid son ny kiedyn chellveeish as jeeaghyn er cur er bun criteria elley er cair.

Ec y traa t'ayn ta tackeyderyn eeck y coontey son kiarail cadjin ec shanstyryn nagh vel cair oc cosney pohlldal cheet stiagh.

Ta'n reaghys shen er ny heeyney magh derrey jerrey y nah vlein choud's ta'n aa-scrutaght goll er.

Treasury currently reviewing universal provision 

Any decision over who pays for the TV licences of people aged 75 and over will be in place for the duration of the new administration.

That's the view of the Cabinet Office Minister Kate Lord-Brennan:


Treasury is conducting a review into the options of funding the licences and looking at introducing additional eligibility criteria.

Currently taxpayers foot the bill for universal provision for pensioners who don't qualify for income support.

That arrangement has been extended until the end of next year whilst the review is ongoing.

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