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TravelWatch wants answers over proposed new ferry terminal

ArreyTroailt shirrey freggyrtyn er ynnyd baatey assaig treealit

Reiltys treishteil dy yannoo yn ynnyd noa aarloo 'sy vlein 2020

Ta ArreyTroailt er chur feysht mychione ny t'eh cheet er myr plannyn 'ard treishteilagh' son ynnyd baatey assaig treealit ayns Loghan Lieh-Tidey y Phrinse ayns Leyrphoyl.

Ta'n Reiltys treishteil dy bee'n ynnyd noa aarloo 'syn Arragh 'sy vlein 2020, agh cha nel kied plannal dy ghoaill toshiaght er troggal er ve currit foast.

Cha nel monney myn-phoyntyn er ve soilshit magh ec yn Rheynn Bun-Troggalys.

Ta John Pennington jeh'n arreyder ass-lieh pashneyryn gra dy vel shiartanse dy feyshtyn ayn as feme er freggyrtyn daue.

AS JOHN PENNINGTON : Noddagh oo insh dooin cre'n aght t'eh er n'gholl er oai choud's nish, Hirveishagh? As cre ta ny dateyn 'sy chlaare ayd son cur stiagh son kied plannal; cuin vees oo jerkal rish goaill toshiaght er troggal 'syn ynnyd; as cuin vees oo jerkal rish kione ve currit er yn obbyr troggee, as yn ynnyd baatey assaig ve aarloo son ymmyd?


Government hopes to have the new site ready in 2020 

TravelWatch has queried what it calls 'ambitious' plans for a proposed new ferry terminal at Liverpool's Princes Half-Tide Dock.

Government hopes a new site will be ready in Spring 2020, but planning permission to start construction has not yet been granted.

Little detail has been revealed by the Department of Infrastructure.

John Pennington from the passenger watchdog says certain questions need to be answered:

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