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Three years for Douglas prom regenerationThree years for Douglas prom regeneration

Three bleeaney son aa-ghientyn Shooylaghan Doolish

Shirveishagh gra nagh jean pairkal seose doilleeid mooar

Plannal Shooylaghan Doolish, shen yn tosheeaght, choud's ta'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys jannoo aarloo dy aavioghey yn ayrn "smessey" dy vun-troggalys raaidey 'syn Ellan.

Croghey er kied plannal, nee'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys y conaant y hebbal, agh rere proviso dy vel eh er ny chooilleeney ayns three bleeaney, ny ny s'moghey.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Ray Harmer gra dy vel yn ayrn raaidey ta failleil goaill yn towse smoo dy hraaght - lesh shey millioon dy charbid goll y raad dagh blein.

Rere plannyn, veagh aa-lhiasaghey ny bollee, as caghlaa sooilley dramadagh da kione y jiass, lesh cooney jeshaghteyrys strughtooroil noa-emshiragh.

Vrie Radio Vannin jeh Mnr Harmer my yinnagh seose pairkal ny ghoilleeid mooar.

Ta Mnr Harmer gra nagh bee shen feer dy bollagh, as dy bee myn-phoyntyn cochianglt rish shen.
T'eh gra dy vel feme er caghlaa rere staydyn, as feme er jeeaghyn er y Nollick as jannoo ymmyd jeh'n chassan coshee, foddee dy beagh reih shen y yannoo. As ta ynnyd y Ghrianane ain neesht, as foddee dy beagh pairkal shallidagh ayns shen.

S'baghtal eh, t'eh gra, dy bee paart dy phairkal scryssit magh, agh shegin dooin cooinaghtyn dy bee shoh ayns keimyn. Fer jeh ny cooishyn scanshoil nee ad shassoo er, dy vel traaght daa hroagh ayn - er-lesh dy vel shen yn chaghteraght t'ad geddyn woish delleyderyn. Cre'n aght dy ghoaill ayns laue yn obbyr, cre'n ayrn jeh dy yannoo hoshiaght, ta shen son reaghey foast.

Three years for Douglas prom regeneration

Minister says parking won't be a big problem

Douglas Promenade planning is priority, as the Department of Infrastructure gets ready to regenerate the "worst" piece of road Infrastructure on Island.

Subject to planning, the DoI will be tendering out the contract under the proviso that it's completed in three years, or sooner.

Minister Ray Harmer says the failing piece of road holds the most amount of traffic - with six million vehicle movements annually.

Plans would see a replenishment of the tracks, and a dramatic visual difference to the southern end, bolstered by modern structual engineering.

Manx Radio asked Mr Harmer if parking will be a problem.

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