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Peel dredging in 2018 a must

Shegin dredjal ec Purt ny h-Inshey ayns feed cheead as hoght-jeig

She 'tosheeaght', dredjal laagh-varrey hollit ass grunt phurt sthie Phurt ny h-Inshey dy leah ayns feed cheead as hoght-jeig, reir oltey twoaie jeh'n Chiare as Feed.

Ta Tim Baker ny chaarliagh jeh possan tessen-rheynnagh, as y currym ec y phossan feddyn aght dy gheddyn rey rish y stoo sollit dy sauçhey.

Reih yn Rheynn Bun-Troggalys dyn y laagh-varrey y ghoaill magh as ee y cheau sy cheayn, er yn oyr dy row wheesh dy veainyn tromey aynjee nagh beagh shen sauçhey.

Cha nel grunt y phurt sthie er ny ghredjal neayr's feed cheead as queig-jeig.

Ta Mnr Baker gra dy vel eh baghtal dy vel feme er feaysley sauçhey ta yn-chummal-seose.

Peel dredging in 2018 a must

Dredging contaminated silt from the bottom of Peel inner harbour in the early part of 2018 is 'a priority', according ot a northern MHK.

Tim Baker is chairing a cross-departmental group tasked with finding a solution for safe disposal of the polluted material.

The Department of Infrastructure chose not to remove the silt and dump it into the sea, because it contained unsafe amounts of heavy metals.

The base of the inner harbour hasn't been dredged since 2015.

Mr Baker says it's clear a sustainable and safe answer needs to be found.

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