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Manx Care workers deserve 'substantial' pay increase, says union

Sunday, 26 December 2021 12:09

By Bob Carswell

Obbreeyn Kiarail Vannin toilchin bishaghey 'mooar' ayns faill, as sheshaght cheirdey

Prospect shirrey teiy ny olteynyn mychione stholk cummyssagh 'sy Vlein Noa

Shegin da Kiarail Vannin feddyn bishaghey 'mooar' ayns faill er-nonney nee olteynyn y wirran stholkey 'sy vlein shoh cheet.

Shen baggyrt Prospect ta cummal 'teiy coyrlagh' mastey ny olteynyn eck 'sy chirveish claynt.

Ta'n sheshaght cheirdey gra nagh vel faill t'ayn nish freggyrtagh da schleiyn, da slane-jeeanid as da shassooaght ny obbreeyn as dy vel jantys jeadyssagh nish 'sy chooish.

She Mick Hewer ta'n oaseir barganey da Prospect.

As Mick Hewer : Er-lhiam nagh vel ad geaishtagh rooin er chor erbee: as my vees ad geaishtagh rooin, cha nel ad, son shickyrys, cheet back as soilshaghey magh shen trooid jantyssyn. T'eh currit orrin shirrey orroo son freggyrtyn da screeunyn, as tra ta shin geddyn back screeunyn t'ad ginsh dooin nagh vel eh rere'n churrym oc dy chebbal dooin veg erskyn yn un per cent t'er ve currit orroo liorish yn Tashtey, ta'n cagliagh t'eh er chur er. Va'n jerkalys dy beagh Kiarail Vannin ny cho-chorp freillt mooie, yinnagh stiurey ny shirveishyn slaynt, as jannoo reaghyssyn er-e-hon hene, as neu-chrogheydagh.


Prospect balloting members over potential New Year strike

Manx Care needs to come up with a 'substantial' pay increase or staff will strike next year.

That's the threat from Prospect which is holding a 'consultative ballot' with its members in the health service.

The union says current pay does not reflect the skills, dedication and commitment of workers and industrial action is now on the table.

Mick Hewer is the negotiations officer for Prospect:

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