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Gov't needs to 'push forward' housing proposals

Feme er reiltys 'seiy er oaie' treealtyssyn er thieys

Coonceil ny Shirveishee er chee sur-smooinaghtyn er tuarastyl mychione cur er bun sheshaght thieys

Ta feme er y reiltys seiy er oaie plannyn dy ghoaill ayns laue doolaneyn bentyn da thieys 'syn Ellan ec 'bieauid tappee dy liooar'.

Shen veih'n ard shirveishagh choud's ta Coonceil ny Shirveishee jannoo aarloo dy hur-smooinaghtyn er cur er bun sheshaght thieys ayns Ellan Vannin.

Ta Alfred Cannan gra dy vel eh er ny hoilshaghey magh dy voddagh yn cheshaght livrey 500 unnid cheusthie jeh queig bleeaney.

T'eh credjal dy vel cur rish cooishyn thieys lane-femoil son deanyn tarmaynagh yn reiltys.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Ta foast ymmodee preaysyn mooie ayns shen 'syn ynnyd vargee ec y traa t'ayn. Ta mee goaill tastey jeh dy vel gennid feer eer gheyre jeh thieyn er maill, myr sampleyr. Ta mee goaill tastey jeh, dy hannaghtyn corrym rish y chlaare tarmaynagh ain as ny deanyn t'ain son ny earrooyn dy leih syn Ellan, dy vel feme orrin seiy er oaie ec bieauid tappee dy liooar, bentyn da livrey shen.

Translation notes :

feme er : need on, necessity for    treealtys : development of treeal, to propose (Kelly)    thieys : development of thie to make an abstract noun
er chee : about to     sur-smooinaghtyn er : consider     tuarastyl : a report     cur er bun : establishing     goaill ayns laue : tackle, take in hand
cur rish : deal with, address     lane-femoil : full necessary, essential, crucial 


Council of Ministers due to consider report on setting up a housing association

Government needs to push forward plans to tackle housing challenges on the Island at 'quite quick speed'.

That's from the chief minister as the Council of Ministers prepares to consider a report into establishing a housing association on the Isle of Man.

Alfred Cannan says it's indicated the association would be able to deliver 500 units within five years.

He believes addressing housing issues is crucial for government's economic targets:

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