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Sports results - Saturday 24 October

Football, Rugby and Hockey scores


Canada Life Premier League

Douglas Athletic 2-10 Corinthians

Douglas Royal 2-5 St Marys

Old Boys P-P Marown

Peel 1-2 Ayre

Ramsey 0-3 Laxey

St Georges 3-2 St John's

JCK Limited Division Two

Douglas & District 2-5 Michael

Governor's Athletic 1-3 Foxdale

Malew 7-3 Gymns

Onchan 3-3 Colby

Ramsey Youth Centre 15-0 Pulrose

Union Mills 7-3 Braddan

Canada Life Combination One

Ayre 2-6 Peel

Corinthians P-P Douglas Athletic

Laxey 4-1 Ramsey

Marown 5-0 Old Boys

St Johns P-P St Georges

JCK Limited Combination Two

Braddan P-P Union Mills

Colby 1-3 Onchan

Foxdale P-P Governor's Athletic

Gymns 0-5 Malew

Michael 1-4 Douglas & District


Manx Trophy

Ramsey 34-55 Douglas South

Vagabonds 18-17 Southern Nomads

Manx Bowl

Castletown 46-29 Western Vikings

Emerging Nomads 89-66 Vagabonds Ladies

Vagabonds (2) P-P Ramsey (2)


Rossborough Women's Premier League

Harlequins 0-9 Valkyrs "B"

Rossborough Women's Division One

Bacchas "C" 0-7 Bacchas "B"

Vikings "B" 2-4 Valkyrs "C"

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