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Marshals face 'serious problems' with early road closures

The Isle of Man TT Marshals Association is concerned it won't be able to man the practice sessions where roads are to close earlier.

From Tuesday, June 2 to Friday, June 6 the course will close an hour earlier than usual, at 4pm on the mountain section and 5pm for the rest of the circuit, to accommodate practices for the TTXGP event.

Sports editor Tim Glover reports (text, below, from attached audio file):

The association makes it clear it supports TTXGP and has provided a trophy for the first machine in each class to cross the line.

However, it says closing roads an hour earlier will cause 'serious problems' achieving minimum manning levels, with no fewer than 506 marshals needed for every race and practice session to go ahead.

Practice week is already heavily reliant on Isle of Man based marshals as numbers from across are not usually available to take up duties until race week.

Other points made - many marshals will still be at work at the suggested earlier times and will be unable to travel around the course to get in position, there may not be a marshal in place when roads close to erect any road barrier or rope, and the association is concerned medics and race officials will also not be able get to their stations on time.

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