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It's 17 wins for the 'Morecambe Missile'

After a year which nearly made him hang up his leathers, John McGuinness is definitely back on top as 'King of the Mountain'.

Clawing back an early lead from Guy Martin, the 'Morecambe Missile' gradually took control of the six lap Senior TT today (Friday), and by Glen Helen on the final lap had a 15 second lead.

McGuinness stayed the course to take his second win of the week and the 17th of his career, with Martin hanging on for a well earned second place and New Zealand's Bruce Anstey finishing third.

McGuinness told Manx Radio TT said it was a hard fought race (listen to audio file below):

Both McGuinness and Martin finished inside the old race record time, and there was further consolation for Martin as he recorded the fastest lap of the six lap race. he completed his first circuit of the mountain course at an average speed of 131.038 miles and hour, from a standing start. 

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