Protest against horse-pulled trams on track

Felix Joughin protests on Douglas promenade roadway

One-woman campaign calls for ban

A campaigner opposed to the horse trams in Douglas has vowed to continue calling for the service to be banned, after staging a solo protest on the tracks this weekend.

Activist Felix Joughin claims the horses are put under too much strain pulling the vehicles - and started her campaign after seeing one of the animals struggle and stumble.

She accepts the horses are well cared for, but raises concerns at the dangers they face from traffic, and the effect of exhaust pollution on their health.

Felix says she received both support and opposition from the public during her four hour protest on Saturday (2 Sept), and now wants a meeting with transport officials to discuss her concerns.

She says her aim is simple:

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All Douglas Horse Tramway horses receive regular health checks, and it's understood run no more than two round trips before returning to the stables.

Members of the public can visit the tramway stables to see the horses taking a rest.

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