"Victory" reported for Scottish fishermen

Port call measure labelled 'ridiculous'

Scallop fishermen and processors in Kirkcudbright have been "celebrating victory" in their fight against Isle of Man fishing legislation.

That's the claim in an article in the Scottish Daily Record.

A regulation brought in by the Manx government last month to tackle alleged under-reporting of catches meant vessels would have to call daily at an Island port for inspections.

Scottish fishermen said the move was discriminatory against them, and after high-level discussions, the requirement was removed - though any skippers caught over-fishing king scallops can now have their licences to work in Manx waters cancelled.

In the Record, West Coast Sea Products boss John King says “They may be Manx seas and Manx scallops but we will treat them as part of our traditional fishing grounds, just as we have always done.

“It’s the local fishery for south-west Scotland and Scottish fishermen have the same rights to fish Manx waters, just as the Manx have to fish in Scottish and UK waters.”

He goes on to call the original measure "ridiculous", but adds there is now a workable solution and level playing field.

The paper quotes Dumfries and Galloway Council deputy leader Rob Davidson as saying the way the Isle of Man introduced the original scheme was very unfortunate - and the fact they have changed their minds is very welcome.

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