Hurricane Irma: Manx family find Floridian supermarkets bare

Shelves of North Naples supermarket ahead of Hurricane Irma

Limited goods in supermarket, little fuel at petrol stations

Hurricane Irma is now battering Cuba, it's due to reach Havana tomorrow, and then on to the American state of Florida - where there have been big traffic jams as around six million residents try to escape.

It's already devastated several islands in the Caribbean - the storm has killed 20 people so far.

Manx Radio has been following the movements of the Fielder family: Russ, his Manx wife Kim, and their children; 16 year-old Matthew and 11 year-old Daniel.

They've moved from Douglas, Isle of Man, to North Naples in the Sunshine State only a month ago - Kim's mother, Vickie Price, is there too.   

The family has now evacuated to a safer location up north. 

Russ says they have everything they need, but the supermarket shelves are bare:

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