Rushen Commissioners decry Port Erin 'rate grabbing'

Attempt made to annex parts of Ballakilley estate

Rushen Parish Commissioners have decried moves made by a neighbouring local authority to annex some of its territory.

It's accused Port Erin Commissioners of 'rate-grabbing' after they applied, once again, to have their boundary extended to cover parts of the Ballakilley estate  in Rushen.

Rushen Commissioners have expressed disappointment and frustration with their Port Erin counterparts attempts to increase their income and assimilate the new development.

Chairman Peter Gunn is warning there'll be strong resistance to this from Rushen, and warns if the move goes through, rates could double for Ballakilley residents.

He's labelled the move as 'insensitive' and has questioned what benefit the Rushen ratepayers would have in falling under Port Erin's authority. 

It's believed the application, made before Christmas last year, is now in the hands of central government.

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