Practical help could be better than aid

The town of Banjul is The Gambia's capital

African outreach scheme praised

It's hoped practical efforts by Tynwald to help worse off nations could reduce their reliance on financial aid.

A recent programme to install Hansard recording technology in The Gambia's parliament, funded by a UK charity and carried out by Manx officials, is being hailed by the organisations behind it as a successful jaunt.

Gambian officials will also now receive further support from the parliament of Sierra Leone, who themselves were helped out by Tynwald officials in 2016.

The concept of establishing good working relationships between poorer countries - known as 'South-South Co-Operation' - is becoming increasingly favoured by global policymakers, many of whom now consider it more effective than direct foreign aid.

Tynwald Head of Hansard Ellen Callister says the latest trip demonstrates that:

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