Police ill health retirements revealed

Impact of work related health issues

Just under 60% of officers who retired from the Island's police force last year, did so through illness or injury sustained at work.

Figures for ill health retirements at the Isle of Man Constabulary over the past three years, have been released in response to a freedom of information request.

In 2016/17, seven of the 12 officers who retired did so on grounds of ill health. Of those, four were due to work-related health problems - in percentage terms, just over 57%.

The requestor posed a two-part question on police retirement.

From the total number who retired in each of the last three years, what percentage did do due to ill health, and what percentage of those, had their injury or illness triggered at work.

The number who retired each year from the 200-strong force remained constant, at 11 or 12.

In each year, more than half of retirements were due to ill health, with a similar ratio suffering work-related problems in the last two.

The figure for work-related ill health retirement was lowest in 2014/15, at 37.5%, but the following year rose to 65.6%.

The Constabulary says those percentages may be viewed as 'artificially high' as the comparative reflects a small, single figure number of retirements.

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