Over 400 sexual assaults in seven years

Roughly one report a week since 2010

More than four hundred sexual assaults have been reported to police in the last seven years says the Isle of Man Constabulary.  

Since 2010, 408 incidents have been recorded, from which 109 people have been charged; according to figures revealed via a Freedom of Information request.

Roughly one in four recorded sexual assaults on the Island resulted in prosecution. 

Offences covered in the review include rape, abducting a female for marriage or sex, gross indecency, indecent assault on underage persons, buggery and sexual grooming.

But not all of the 408 reports resulted in convictions; some were discontinued, others were labelled 'not a crime' after further investigation.

There was a lack of sufficient evidence to charge with a realistic chance of conviction, withdrawal of complaints, conflicting evidence and the inability to identity offenders.

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