Lowest Jan unemployment figure since 2003

Labour Market Report released

The registered unemployment figure for January 2018 was the lowest January figure since 2003.


That's one of the headline figures in the latest Isle of Man Labour Market Report which has just been released.

It shows there were 361 people unemployed at the end of last month - down by 240 on the same time last year.

Of those 251 were men and just 110 women, representing an unemployment rate of 0.8%, the same as the end of December.

The quoted registered unemployment figure of 361 is measured as a count of those persons registered for job seekers allowance - which there is no legal requirement to do.

The International Labour Organisation or ILO measurement includes both those who are registered as unemployed and those who are not registered but may still be looking for work. The figure measured this way shows 806 people out of work - up 26 over December - and representing an unemployment rate of 1.9%

The highest number of unemployed persons were in the construction sector - where there were 35 skilled workers on the register - with 33 in retail and distribution.

The largest number of job vacancies was to be found in the Medical and Health Services sector, where there were 68 positions vacant at the end of last month.

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