Keep dogs under control at the Ayres

Wardens and police reports several incidents

Dog walkers at the Ayres National Nature Reserve are being reminded to keep their animals under control.

It's after the Ayres Warden and Ramsey police have reported several incidents over the last few months where unrestrained dogs have ended up attacking each other.

In one incident a dog was so badly injured, it required veterinary treatment.

Police Wildlife Crime Officer Constable Mark Kerruish says, that between 31st July and 1st April dogs are permitted to be exercised in the area without being on a lead.

However, they must be kept under proper control and failure to do that can lead to prosecution and fines up to £2,500. 

Ayres Warden, Louise SAMSON said “The Byelaws are in place to protect the wildlife and ensure that everyone enjoys the National Nature Reserve. She adds that responsible dog walkers are always welcome but are reminded to keep their dogs under close control, always carry a dog lead and use it if you are in the vicinity of other users of the Reserve - and pick up any dog mess and place it in the dog bins provided.  

Any dog related incidents at the Ayres or other reserves should be reported to Police Headquarters on 631 212 or the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture on 685835 or email

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