DHSC minister on 'poisoned chalice'

Minister for the Department of Health and Social Care, David Ashford

Ashford says he'll put his heart and soul into it

The Island's new health minister says he would have been a 'complete hypocrite' to turn down the job.

David Ashford was appointed the head of the DHSC yesterday, replacing Kate Beecroft after she was forced to resign last week.

In a statement, the North Douglas MHK says it's a 'huge opportunity to try and drive forward change'.

He acknowledged that being in charge of government's largest-spending department was seen by some as a 'poisoned challice'.

But having become known as a vocal critic of some of his predecessor's policies since entering the Keys in 2016, Mr Ashford has pledged to 'invest [his] heart and soul' into the role. 

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