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Overall results from 2010 End 2 End Challenge

Elliot BaxterFor the third year in a row, former Olympian Nick Craig took the honours in the Manx Mountain Bike Club's End 2 End Challenge.

Twelve hundred riders from the list of 1,400 entries tackled the 70-kilometre course from the Point of Ayre to the Sound, with 1,001 completing the distance.

Local rider Elliot Baxter (pictured) was second with Matt Clinton in third place.

A full list of the 1,001 finishers can be accessed by clicking at the bottom of the page, and the leading riders in the various categories were:

Team competition: 1,  JD Cycles, Ilkley - Reg Haigh, Stefan Macina and Bruce Rollinson; 2, Manx Mountain Bike Club - Julian Corlett, Kale Hawkins and Graham Hughes; 3, Atherton Bike Club - Paul Bridgwater, Stephen Leigh and Daniel Meakin.

Men 23-29: 1, Matt Clinton; 2, John Hopkinson; 3, Hilton Meyer.

Men 30-39: 1, Elliot Baxter; 2, Andrew Windrum; 3, Rob Sorby.


Men 40-49: 1, Nick Craig; 2, Paul Kneen; 3, Rob Holden.

Men 50-59: 1, Bruce Rollinson; 2, Julian Corlett; 3, Brian Osborne.

Men 60+: 1, Reg Haigh; 2, Ray Morriss; 3, William Corkill.

Men Under 19: 1, Joe Kelly; 2, Thomas Mazzone; 3, Adam Johnson.

Men Under 23: 1,  Nick Kotlarewski; 2, George Bell; 3, Sam Arthur.

Women Under 19: 1, Alicia Corlett.

Women Under 23: 1, Josephine Thorpe.

Women 23-29: 1, Susannah Goddard.

Women 30-39: 1, Cheri Mills; 2, Jacqueline Lee; 3, Nikki Lane.

Women 40-49: 1 (joint), Jacqueline Easton and Jacqui Fletcher; 3, Heather Greening.

Women 50-59: 1, Eleanor Underhill; 2, Caroline Helks; 3, Elizabeth Green-Davis.

Youth Men: 1, Callum Riley.

Picture of Elliot Baxter, courtesy of Gary Weightman.

To see the full list of results click here 

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