On Air Night Flight | Midnight - 5:00am

Anglin Buttimore Radio Wrap Party

Manx Radio Live Lounge

Saturday, 25 April 2020 - 44 minutes

Sadly on Thursday 16th April, Francis Cowley “ANGLIN” Buttimore passed away at his home in Peel. In this audio tribute, you will hear just a small selection of friends, colleagues and band members of Anglin, local legend on the Island music scene for many decades. Contributions are from Martin Brunnschweiler, Christine Collister, Sue Griffiths, David Kilgallon, Breesha Maddrell, Danny Kneale, Dave Mclean, Bryn Davies, and Lenny Conroy. You also heard Anglin himself playing and singing in a number of bands including the Bar Toads, Mad Dog Davies Band & Clash Vooar. It doesn’t begin to touch the surface of all those he worked with and was friends with, but hopefully gives some idea of the man that he was. This audio tribute is dedicated to Jenny, Wiliam, Daniel, Jessica and the the whole family. Produced and edited by Christy DeHaven.

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