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Claare ny Gael 30th April 2023

X Claare Ny Gael

Sunday, 30 April 2023 - 53 minutes

We've arrived in Peel in our tour of the Island in 1791 in the company of David Robertson, who gives a brief account of Peel and its bay and then draws on the work of Captain Francis Grose (a visitor to the Island in 1774) to describe Peel Castle.

Arthur Holmwood has just had to attend to the funeral of his father before coming for the funeral of his fiance, Lucy Westenra. His comfort is in his friendship with Dr John Seward, and now with John Seward's friend and mentor, Professor Van Helsing.

As y kiaull ain y cheayrt shoh -
GRAHAM HART - Goin' up Camborne Hill
EMMA CHRISTIAN - Arrane saveenagh
CILMERI - Ffidl ffadl
PAUL ROGERS - Oie Voaldyn
MADELYN ANN - Nevez-amzer
TOM ALEXANDER - The Flying Scotsman
CERYS HAFANA - Tragwyddoldeb
EMMET SPICELAND - Stor, a stor, a ghra

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