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We remain focused on 'the bigger picture', says Cannan

Ta shin freayll rish jeeraghey er 'y reayrt s'lhea', as Cannan

Agh ta Ard Shirveishagh goaill rish nagh bee aashagh eh livrey 'Plan Nyn Ellan'

Ta'n Ard Shirveishagh shassoo er dy vel yn reiltys freayll rish jeeraghey er yn 'reayrt s'lhea' ayns cur eab er bishaghey ny vees goll er chebbal ec Ellan Vannin ayns traaghyn doolaneagh.

Ren vershoon ass y noa jeh 'Plan Nyn Ellan' yn reiltys geddyn kied Tinvaal er y gherrid as nish t'eh goaill stiagh strateish tarmaynagh derrey 2026.

Dyn y wooise da geddyn kied, ren kiare olteynyn yn Chiare as Feed as un oltey yn Choonceil Slattyssagh reih gyn pohlldal y plan.

Ta Alfred Cannan soiaghey jeh nagh vod yn reiltys jannoo booiagh dy chooilley pheiagh.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Ta plan tarmaynagh ain son yn traa ry heet, as bentyn rish shen, cha bee aashagh eh, ta fys ain er shen. Ta fys ain dy vel traaghyn garroo ayn,  as dy vel cummys son goll ergooyl dy lickly mleeaney, myr dy beagh eh nagh vod reddyn cheet dy ve ny s'doillee son sleih. Agh, dyn y wooise da shen, ta plan ain son startaghyn, ta plan ain son y tarmaynys, ta plan ain son shirveishyn, as nish t'eh orrin goll er oaie as livrey eh.


But CM admits delivering 'Our Island Plan' won't be easy

The Chief Minister insists government remains focused on the 'bigger picture' in trying to grow the Isle of Man's offering in challenging times.

An updated version of government's 'Our Island Plan' received Tynwald approval recently which now incorporates an economic strategy until 2026.

Despite getting the green light, four members of the House of Keys and one member of Legislative Council chose not to back the plan.

Alfred Cannan accepts government can't please everyone:

ALFRED CANNAN : We have an economic plan for the future, and on that basis, it's not going to be easy, we know that. We know that times are harsh, that there's the potential of a recession on the cards this year, as if things couldn't get any tougher for people. But, irrespective of that, we've got a plan for jobs, we've got a plan for the economy, we've got a plan for services, and now we've got to get on and deliver it.

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