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VIPs key part of Brexit strategy

Ta sleih feer scanshoil nyn ard-ayrn jeh strateish Vrexit

Cummal seose kianglaghyn lesh sleih feer scanshoil, shen ny ard-ayrn jeh strateish yn Ellan son Brexit, reir Howard Quayle.

Shen ny dooyrt eh lurg da Andrew Parmley,  Ard-Veoir Ard-Valley Lunnin, v'er chur shilley er Mannin, shilley va kiarit 'niartaghey' kianglaghyn eddyr y daa reillys.

Ta Mnr Quayle gra dy vel commeeys 'cochadjin foaysagh' ec Mannin as Ard-Valley Lunnin shegin lhiantyn rish, erskyn ooilley lesh y chooylrey neu-hickyr jeh Brexit.

Dooyrt eh rish Radio Vannin nagh vel 'caarjyn ayns buill scanshoil' yn ynrican aght dy chur er dty choraa dy ve ry-chlashtyn, agh ta shen scanshoil ny-yeih shen as ooilley.

VIPs key part of Brexit strategy

Maintaining links with high profile figures is a key component of the Island's Brexit strategy, according to Howard Quayle.

His comments follow a visit from the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Andrew Parmley, aimed at 'strengthening' links between the two jurisdictions.

Mr Quayle says the Isle of Man and the City have a 'mutually beneficial' relationship which needs to be continued, especially against the uncertain backdrop of Brexit.

He told Manx Radio having 'friends in high places' isn't the only way of making your voice heard but it's important.

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