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Survey on competitiveness of Manx wages

Creear er cre cho cohirreydagh ta faill Vannin

Creear bleinoil lhunnit er cosney faill 

Vel faill eeckit da failleydee Vannin cohirreydagh, cosoyley rish cheeraghyn elley?

Cha nel shen agh fer jeh ny feyshtyn ta Reiltys Vannin treishteil dy chur freggyrt da 'sy chreear bleinoil er cosney faill.

Ta ymmyd er ve jeant jeh 2,500 fer ta gobbyr myr sambil, lesh feyshtane ve currit da'n ailleyder jerrinagh er fys jeh cagh.

Ta'n Ard Shirveishagh Howard Quayle gra dy nee scanshoil eh dy vel ny fysseree fy yerrey freggyrtagh da dy chooilley cheim dy faill.

AS HOWARD QUAYLE : Yinnin treishteil dy vel, as yinnin treishteil dy vel eh gyn tort, dy vel 2,500 fer ayn, as lhisagh shen goaill stiagh dy chooilley cherroo. Agh ta mee shickyr, my vees ad fakin, tra t'ad creearey trooid ny fysseree, nagh vel eh agh cheet er un ard, ny nagh vel enn er ve currit er sleih ec y chione sinshley, ny nagh daink yn sorch dy freggyrt v'ad shirrey, dy jean ad cur eab er goaill ayns laue shen. 


Annual earnings survey launched 

Are wages paid to Manx employees competitive when compared to other countries?

Just one of the questions the Manx Government hopes to answer in the annual earnings survey.

2,500 people in work have been used as a sample with a questionnaire being sent to the last known employer of each person.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle says it's important that all levels of pay are reflected in the final statistics:

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