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Quayle negotiating in Brussels

Quayle barganey sy Vrussyl

Ta Howard Quayle leeideil çhaghteraght reiltys Manninagh sy Vrussyl yn çhiaghtin shoh, dy chur cooish yn Ellan roish Brexit.

Yn Ard-Shirveishagh as ard-fir-oik, hie ad marish çhaghteraght Ard-Valley Lunnin gys yn Unnaneys Oarpagh, as ad loayrt rish olteynyn jeh'n Pharlamaid Oarpagh, as rish ard-vanceyryn.

Chammah as shen, ta çhaglymyn er nyn gummal marish nyn lheid cheddin ass Jersey as Guernsey, as ny Crogheydaneyn Crooin ry-cheilley soilshaghey nyn gooishyn tarmaynagh as politickagh.

Dy jeeragh blein er dy henney veih'n laa jea, ren Mnr Quayle e chied Choonseil ny Shirveishee y 'ockley magh - t'ee foast myr v'ee, as ta shen er hickyraghey dy vel startey ec gagh Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed, er-lhimmey jeh un 'er.

Ta Mnr Quayle er chormaghey ny claareyn mooie as sthie veih'n eer toshiaght jeh'n reiltys echey.

As eh loayrt veih'n Vrussyl, t'eh gra dy bee eiyrtyssyn foddey-çharrymagh jeant ec Brexit er Mannin sy traa ry-heet.

Quayle negotiating in Brussels

Howard Quayle is leading a Manx government delegation in Brussels this week, to put the Island's case ahead of Brexit.

The Chief Minister and senior officials yesterday joined the City of London delegation to the EU, holding talks with MEPs and senior bankers.

Meetings have also been held with counterparts from Jersey and Guernsey, as the Crown Dependencies collectively flag up their economic and political interests.

A year ago yesterday, Mr Quayle announced his first Council of Ministers - a cabinet line-up which remains in place and has ensured a job for all but one MHK.

Mr Quayle has balanced the international and domestic agendas from the very start of his administration.

Speaking from Brussels, he says Brexit will have a far-reaching impact on the Isle of Man's future.

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