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Prom won't be closed during reconstruction work

Cha bee shooylaghan dooint choud's ta obbyr troggee goll er jannoo

Traaght daa-hroagh tannaghtyn ayn boayl erbee oddys eh y ve

Ta'n Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys er chur trimmid er NAGH BEE y shooylaghan dooint choud's ta obbyr troggee goll er jannoo.

Va'n chooish currit roee ayns yn Chiare as Feed Jemayrt liorish OCF ass-lieh Middyl Bill Shimmins, ren briaght cre'n fa v'eh femoil dy ghooney y shooylaghan rish three bleeaney dy lhiggey da obbyr ve jeant.

Dinsh Ray Harmer da'n Chamyr dy row eh fo tannaghtyn lesh traaght daa-hroagh wheesh as va ry yannoo as dy beagh yn ablid dy chooilleeney y skeim cho tappee as oddys eh ve jeant lesh yn chooid sloo dy voirey jannoo seose oyr son reaghey quoi vees cosney y conaant.

Ren eh shickyrys y chur da'n Chamyr dy bee fys currit da'n theay mychione yn aght ta ny obbraghyn goll er cooilleeney.

Ta Mnr Harmer gra dy vel shin cheet gys cree ny cooish ayns shoh, as shen eddyr bieauid as boirey. T'eh gra dy nee jannoo resoonaght feer chrontagh eh ta goaill stiagh ymmodee ayrnyn gollrish raillaghyn ny trammyn cabbil, ny raaidyn, etc.

Ta Mnr Harmer gra dy jean ad goaill coyrle, as dy jean ad cur faill da oaseir fysseree trooid magh shalee y hooylaghan as currym ersyn dy loayrt rish cummaltee, rish thieyn dellal as rish y theay. T'eh gra dy jean ad tannaghtyn lesh chaghteraghtyn kinjagh, as dy bee fys currit ayns ny meanyn as naight er y stayd s'noa ayns ny meanyn sheshoil.

Prom won't be closed during reconstruction work

Two-way traffic maintained wherever possible

The Infrastructure Minister has stressed that the promenade WON'T be closed during re-development.

The issue was raised again in the Keys on Tuesday by Middle MHK Bill Shimmins who asked why it was necessary to close the prom for three years to allow work to take place.

Ray Harmer told the House that it was intended to maintain two-way traffic as much as possible and the ability to deliver the scheme as quickly as possible with a minimum of disruption would be a factor in deciding who is awarded the contract.

He also assured the House the public will be kept informed of how works are progressing.

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