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New milk cartons first for British Isles

Cartonyn bainney noa ny fir hoshee ayns ny Hellanyn Goaldagh

Siyn as y bun jeu lussyn dy ve currit stiagh ayn y vee shoh cheet

Hig Keylann Ellan Vannin dy ve yn chied cheylann ayns ny Hellanyn Goaldagh dy chaghlaa dy bollagh gys cartonyn bainney as y bun jeu lussyn, tra vees ee rolley magh e cooid phaggal y vee shoh cheet (10oo Mean Fouyir).

Ta ny siyn jeant ass couyr ta dy bollagh ry chummal seose as ry aa-noaghey, as bee ad ayns towseyn meadragh 500 ml as un litre.

Ta'n cheylann gra dy bee costys elley y chooid phaggal goit seose ec y cholught, as ta treisht urree dy jean y stoo caarjyssagh da'n chymmyltagh cur er tooilley sleih kionnaghey bainney Vannin ayns cartonyn.

Ta'n Stiureyder Reiree Findlay Macleod soilshaghey magh screeunyn credjaltys y chooish.

AS FINDLAY MACLEOD :   Ta'n glassid dy mooar 'sy starr jantyssaght as 'sy starr ymmyrkey. Myr shoh, t'ou jannoo foddey ny sloo lughtey dy ymmyrkey ny cartonyn as ny farkil noal gys shoh, as 'sy starr jantyssaght t'ou ayns rieughid goaill carbon dioxide magh ass yn aeraght. Jus dy chur fysseree er,  son dagh unnid, t'ou goaill 21 ghram dy charbon dioxide son dagh carton, shen carton litre.


Plant-based containers to be introduced next month

The Isle of Man Creamery will become the first dairy in the British Isles to switch completely to plant-based milk cartons, when it rolls out its new packaging next month (10 September).

The containers are made from fully sustainable and renewable sources, and will be in metric measurements of 500ml and one litre.

The creamery says the additional cost of the packaging will be absorbed by the company, and hopes the environmentally friendly material will lead more people to buy Manx milk in cartons.

Managing Director Findlay Macleod explains its green credentials.

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