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Island's red meat market 'has collapsed' - Minister

Margey son feill aw yn Ellan 'er duittym' - Shirveishagh

Eiyrtys jeh emshir chirrym er eirinys tannaghtyn ayn

Ta'n emshir cheh er chur er y vargey son feill aw 'syn Ellan 'tuittym'. 

Shen rere y Chirveishagh Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys, ren yn chiaghtin shoh chaie fograghey magh cooney argidoil rolaue son eirinee.

Ta priosyn er duittym choud's ta kuse dy eirinee cur earroo smoo dy veiyn 'sy vargey, as aggle oc dy bee gennid dy oddyr ayns ny meeaghyn shoh cheet.

Ta Geoffrey Boot gra dy vel y stayd er chur er yn earroo dy veiyn ta goll trooid thie jantys foalley yn Ellan leodaghey: 

AS MNR BOOT : Slane sterrym eh, ayns rieughid. Ta gennid dy oddyr ayn; beiyn ta goll er cur 'sy vargey liorish ymmodee eirinee er-yn-oyr nagh vel ad laccal y gaue nagh vod ad fassaghey ad ny s'anmee 'sy vlein, as shen raad ta shin geabey cur creeaght ayndaue. Agh shen chammah's yn emshir cheh - cha nel sleih gee palchey feill aw ayns emshir cheh, myr shoh ta'n margey er duittym, son y chooid smoo.


The hot weather has led the red meat market in the Island to 'collapse'.

That's according to the Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister, who last week announced an advance in financial support for farmers.

Prices have dropped as some farmers put more animals into the market, amid fears of feed shortages in the months to come.

Geoffrey Boot says the situation has led to a reduction in the number of animals the Island's meat plant is taking:

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