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Immediate freeze on 'non-essential' recruitment

Sthap çhelleeragh son listal 'neu-femoil'

Ta'n Rheynn Slaynt as Shickyrys y Theay er vockley-magh dy vel sthap çhelleeragh er ny chur da listal skimmee 'neu-femoil'.

Ta fir-oik gra dy jed startaghyn er çhebbal son skimmee lane femoil nyn lomarcan, son y traa ry-heet ta ry-akin.

Ta'n sthap-listal shoh grait dy ve ny red shallidagh, as y Rheynn prowal tannaghtyn çheu-sthie e claare argidoil jeh daa cheead millioon punt, as shaghney shirrey tooilley argid er Tinvaal. 

Ayns y daa vlein t'er gholl shaghey, ta'n çhirveish slaynt er gheddyn tooilley argid - feed millioon punt ooilley cooidjagh.

Ga ta'n sthap-listal jeant, listal ta fo-raad hannah, hed eh er-oi.

S'doillee va'n briwnys dy chur lesh stiagh sthap-listal, ta'n Shirveishagh Kate Beecroft gra, agh va feme er 'jantagh çhelleeragh' dy ghoaill ayns laue y doolane rish claare argidoil y Rheynn.

T'ee gra dy lajer dy bee yn sthap-listal jannoo er shirveishyn critical er yn aght sloo.

Immediate freeze on 'non-essential' recruitment

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced an immediate freeze on recruitment of staff in 'non-essential' roles.

Officials say only vacancies critical to frontline sevices will be offered for the foreseeable future.

It's been described as a temporary measure, whilst the Department looks to stay within its £200 million pound budget, and avoid requesting further funding from Tynwald.

During the last two years the health service has received extra cash, totalling £20 million pounds.

Despite the measure, on-going recruitment exerises will be completed.
Minister Kate Beecroft says introducing the freeze was a difficult decision, but 'immediate action' was needed to address the Department's budgetary challenges.

She insists there'll be minimal impact on critical services.

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